Shoutout Ava Palomino - Leaning into Challenges

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Jun 03 2024 at 11:20AM PDT

Ava Palomino joined our team about a month and a half ago. She tried out a practice or two, decided to join, then got sick, and came back for her first official practice in late April. I was coaching pre senior that day and we did a pretty gnarly kick set. I believe it totaled somewhere in the 40×50s range with kicking drills between groups of 50s.

Ava struggled that day – first day back after being sick made it challenging, but the next time I saw Ava she also admitted that was hard for her because she wasn’t the best kicker and her old team didn’t kick that much.

Last Friday I coached Pre Senior. We did the “23 second drill.” Set a tempo trainer to 23 seconds. When it beeps, go, and try to get as far as you can before it beeps again 23 seconds after the initial beep. Kids started to ask if they could do different strokes (always) and eventually Ava asked if she could kick a few rounds (of course). Didn’t think much of it until I walked into weights the next morning and was thinking about practice the night before. Two realizations:

  • Ava has gotten WAY better at kicking since she first joined
  • I know Ava is going to be a future rockstar because she chose the more difficult path

There is no doubt being a better kicker will make anyone a better swimmer. More importantly though, Ava is going to be a better swimmer, athlete, and person because she chooses to work on things she might not be the best at.

Be like Ava this week and lean into something you struggle with or makes you uncomfrotable


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