Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 13 2020 at 11:27AM PDT

Hi NBA swimmers

As you all have read in the e-mail we sent yesterday we have canceled practices at both COM and Redwood due to the current craziness. While COM is still officially open…at least for today… it will most likely soon follow the lead of other public facilities and close soon.

The fact is even if we had the space available to swim we would participate with the bigger community and do our part to help. Stopping public gatherings is an important community measure at this point to help contain or slow the spread of this virus. It is the right thing to do. NBA will not be the organization that sees what we are doing as more important than what is being asked of others. From everything I hear and read, social distancing is an critical element to the fight and that is what we will do. It is taking an active approach rather than a reactive one.

This does not mean we will be throwing in the towel with our swimming during however long we are out. There are things we can do to still keep us engaged and connected in our quest to be better swimmers/athletes. A partial list would include:

1. A home program through BridgeAthletic that would be based on body weight exercises that we can send to our athletes. This will be available to both PS and SR… we are currently working out exact details and hopefully it will be ready by Monday.

2. The coaches have discussed the need to help our athletes with nutrition and how what you fuel your body with can affect your swimming. We have a couple of nutritionists in our program who can help our swimmers learn to be better eaters if they so choose to do that. Reach out if interested.

3. There are other ways to stay fit aerobically than in the pool. Swimming in the bay or lagoon with or without a wetsuit…hiking, running, and biking…surfing (when this was mentioned last night we saw many smiles as we have lots of surfers) are just a few things that can keep the system strong. Get out and keep moving!

There are of course other things that you can do. Some might have access to a pool still open and individually can use it to stay wet which would be awesome. Coaches are happy to send these swimmers set/workout suggestions.

We can use this time away to better ourselves so when we get back at it in what we hope is the near future we are in some ways better off than we were before

As we have seen over the past few days what is occurring is fluid in nature and we will of course monitor and discuss what the best course of action is our program. Meanwhile have patience and faith and we will get through this in as good of shape as possible

See you at the pool….sometime soon :)