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Giants Swim Day, June 27th!

Posted by North Bay Aquatics at May 16, 2024 2:35PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Help support NBA and hang out with friends at a baseball game! June 27th the Giants are hosting “Swim Day” at Oracle Park. Use the link below to get tickets in North Bay’s Section + $5 of every ticket purchased using the link goes back to NBA! The first 2000 swimmers get special Giants baseball caps

Our very own Coco Quill is up for Bay Area Athlete of the Week after winning the 100 Back at the CCS championship, posting the fastest 50 back at the meet, qualifying for state in 4 events, and leading SI Wildcats to their 3rd straight CCS title! Vote for Coco using the link below:

The MCAL Championship meet is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The team competition, watching our swimmers compete for their schools, little rivalries, and blossoming of swimmers hard work over the last few months.

Amongst a lot of spectacular swims last weekend, there is 1 swim I cannot stop thinking about; Emerson Wunderlich’s final of the 200 Free.

For a little less than 2 minutes, Emerson and the girl in lane 4 were in a tough back and forth race. Every time they swam to the block end of the pool, the girl in lane 4 would take the lead. Every time they swam towards the turn end of the pool, Emerson would jump in front. All 7 turns, Emerson kept doing dolphin kicks off each wall, held her breath on her breakout stroke, forcing the other swimmer to “catch up with her” each 25. Then with 10 yards left, Emerson put her head down and didn’t take another breath until she got to the wall while the other swimmer breathed almost all the way in.

When she finished, Emerson didn’t take her goggles off and whip her head to look at the scoreboard. Instead, she grabbed the top of the wall with one hand, rested her head on the gutter and with her other hand tried congratulating the girl in lane 4. Unfortunately, Emerson struggled to reach that far over. When she hopped out to receive her medal, she sat down on the block because standing up took too much energy. Truly the definition of emptying the tank.

Emerson did not win the race. She did not swim a best time. She did probably go to the deepest into her reserves she has ever gone and executed a lot of details we talk about DAILY. What more could you want?? Go Emerson!!


Every year, USA Swimming recognizes 200 clubs across three categories (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) for their Club Excellence Program. For the first time in club history last year, North Bay was recognized as a Silver Medal program, marking us as a top 100 club in the country. Our goal was to move up into the top 75 this year, but we slid back into the Bronze Medal category, which is for teams in spots 101-200.

This is of course not an inherently bad thing. There are roughly 3000 clubs in the US, so being recognized at all puts you in the top 6% of the country and should be celebrated!! However, I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about failure, something we all could embrace a little more. The coaching staff often talks with the athletes about it being okay to fail, so I think it is important we recognize when we as a club fall short of our goals. Going from Silver to Bronze doesn’t make us a worse organization, people, athletes, coaches, or parents, just means we weren’t successful according to this singular metric.

We all will inevitably fail in life – miss that JO cut, not get into the college you want, lower than desirable GPA, failed relationships, not get the big promotion, etc. I hate to be cliche, but how you respond to that shortcoming is what is important.

So, time to get back to work. Hope this news motivates a few of you as much as it motivates the coaches…

The winter practice schedule for the Youth team is now available! This schedule starts once High School Water Polo Season ends and finishes February 4th. We will keep everyone up to date on Redwood water polo playoff run for our expected start date! The schedule is attached, please let us know if there are any questions.

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