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Don's Thoughts - 5/19

Posted by North Bay Aquatics at May 19, 2022 11:20AM PDT

At workout 2 days ago Holly T was sporting a Nirvana sweatshirt. This led to a discussion about drummer Dave Grohl’s 3 things you need to be a super star musician (see previous post for those). Then we had a lively “debate” about what you needed to be a super star swimmer. Holly said, “have a lane, have grit and be coachable.” Holly is a junior in high school and is on several college programs’ radar. She is a super star and burning more brightly day by day. Nice…

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Posted by North Bay Aquatics at Apr 20, 2022 10:30AM PDT

Dear Parents & Swimmers,

Today marks the beginning of our annual Tuna-Thon. Tuna-Thon is our largest annual fundraising event that allows the most important part of our program to take part, the swimmers. The Tuna-Thon is important not only for the money it raises, but the awareness it brings of our program to the community. We are enormously proud of our product and would love for everyone to share our achievements with their neighbors and friends!

Our team is not large, so we look for 100% participation from everyone. Whether you raise $50 or $1000, we appreciate everyone taking part in the event.

This swim season has been one of the most successful seasons in North Bay history:

• 2 North Bay Relay teams broke Pacific Swimming records: the 17-18 Girls 200 Free Relay and the 15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay – we are the only team in Pacific Swimming to set 2 relay records this season
• North Bay finished 4th at the California/Nevada Sectional Championship meet, the highest finish in team history and the highest finish by a team from the Pacific LSC by 100 points
• Established 46 new individual top 3 times in program history, including 20 new program records
• 9 swimmers currently committed to swim at the collegiate level in the fall

Tuna-Thon Date & Location

• Date: Saturday June 18th
• Where: Redwood High School
• Time: Regular practice time!
• Goal: Swim 200 laps throughout practice!


Below are the incentives this year for swimmers to raise money:

• $100: Every swimmer that raises $100 gets to throw 1 whip cream pie at Coach Max
• $250: Every swimmer that raises at least $250 receives professional underwater filming of the swimmer swimming a 200 IM with our coach’s commentary on strokes and technique plus 2 whip cream pies to throw at Coach Max
• $500: Every $500 a swimmer raises gets them 3 whip cream pie to throw at Coach Max, professional underwater filming, and an NBA Hydro Flask
• The 5 swimmers that raise the most money receive a free 30-minute private lesson from their choice of Coach Max, Coach Don, Coach Devon, or Coach Katie

Team Goal & Incentive

Our team goal is to raise $40,000 this year. If the team raises $40,000 or more, NBA will bring in an Olympian to run a clinic for our youth team in the fall!


Each swimmer should create their own personalized campaign page:

1. Go to our fundraiser page at and click the “JOIN” button
2. Register with your name and email address
3. Set a fundraising goal and under “Your Laps Goal” put 200
4. Add a personal photo or use the default photo of North Bay’s logo
5. Add a fun message on why you love North Bay in the “Tell Your Story” Section, or use the default prompt already in there
6. Set up a cover photo or use the default one already there
7. Watch this short video on how to quickly share your campaign with friends and family at
8. Start letting your friends and family know!!!

You can also give cash or a check made payable to North Bay Aquatics to your coach.

Swimmers can either accept flat donations OR “per lap” pledges. On the date of the Tuna-Thon, swimmers will do 200×25s as a pledge to their donors. If swimmers are out of town on the date of the Tuna-Thon and need to swim laps, talk to your coach and they will set up a time for you to come in and swim!

Please let me know if there are any questions

Tuna on 3… #ETG

Thank you,

Max Byers

North Bay Aquatics, Varsity Group

Posted by North Bay Aquatics at Apr 6, 2022 2:23PM PDT

North Bay Aquatics is excited to offer it’s Varsity group this Spring and Summer! This group is perfect for seasonal swimmers, multi sport athletes, or athletes not ready to move into the North Bay Senior Group. The group trains 4 times per week for 75-90 minutes, focusing on proper swim mechanics, while also developing the necessary endurance to race during the high school swim season. This group is for athletes in 8th through 12th grade.

Interested swimmers can read the attached document to learn more about the group!

The document NBA_Varsity_Group_Summer_2022.pdf was attached to this post.

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Don's Thoughts - 4/4

Posted by North Bay Aquatics at Apr 4, 2022 2:23PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Coach Don’s Thoughts!

In his recent book, The Storyteller, musician Dave Grohl (Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters) writes that he figures you only need 3 things to be a successful musician – 3 chords, an open mind, and a microphone.

Made me think about what you need to be a successful competitive swimmer. I came up with my 3. I’d be interested in hearing what your 3 or 4 are? Looking forward to your responses

And furthermore, I thought about what it would take to be a successful coach…still working on that one!

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Don's Thoughts - 3/21

Posted by North Bay Aquatics at Mar 21, 2022 10:31AM PDT

This very short video clip – watch the first 3 minutes – will reward you sooo much.

“Easy is good for 5 minutes, but for the future, hard is always better”

Coaches play favorites – true. Me personally, I look for swimmers who want the harder way. Be one of those and I will notice you…and so will others – your teammates and coaches.

At our recent Sectional meet Gavin came up to me and said “those 3 Distance girls are rocking it” – difficult to not notice hard work.