PS/SR Weekly Update 3/16

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 16 2020 at 11:17AM PDT

Not our normal weekly update this week with all that is going on. We will be sending out a more in depth email about how we are looking at the future hopefully later today or tomorrow… for now here are some things we encourage our swimmers to do safely from their homes. We appreciate and miss our Tuna family during this time!

Strength & Conditioning

Pre Seniors (and those who just transitioned to SR group):

All of this is the work we normally on MWF on the pool deck. All can be done at home (if you don’t have a stretch cord – amazon has them to order or you can do the motions without the stretch cord)

Shoulder Stabilization exercises
Dynamic Warmup exercises
Monday Exercises
Wednesday Exercises
Friday Exercises


Your bridge programs should all be updated with body weight based exercises that can be done at home. If you have a question about any of it – contact Jeff. You can also follow the shoulder stabilization and dynamic warmup exercises (linked above)


We found this video through SwimSwam which posted these at home yoga exercises geared towards swimmers… up to you if you want to check it out and give it a try! Check out video HERE


We have spoken with two lovely masters swimmers who have offered up some help with nutrition for our swimmers. Anyone who is interested in this should start by tracking the foods they are eating for one week. Write all of this down and at the end of this week email it to both Devon & Ken. They will send it along and then we will move from there. We encourage EVERYONE to do this – it is a simple and effective way to help yourself both and swimming and in life!

Checking In

In the spirit of keeping all our athletes engaged (both PS and SR swimmers!) we want to hear from you! We have created a form that we would love for ALL swimmers to fill out at the end of each week and email back to us (print and scan, do it on your phone, whatever works) and email it to both KEN AND DEVON. Our emails are:

Form can be found HERE

We will be keeping track to help us stay engaged with you as well. This is hugely important to keep you on track as we navigate this hiatus in pool time. This keeps all of us working towards our future goals.

All for now – stay safe and healthy out there!