PS/SR Programs going forward

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 19 2020 at 01:16PM PDT

Dear NBA families

A little late in the promised Email about how we are approaching the situation we are currently facing. A lot has happened in the last 48 hours and the immediate future promises to be the same. Having said that with the help of the board we have come up with a plan. This will be reassessed as needed over the next few weeks and or months

Starting April 1 we will be pausing all swim dues for the month and on into the future as circumstances dictate. The hope is at some point this season we will be able to get back to our program but we are also cognizant that anything is possible

For those families who have paid dues through the annual plan I am going to ask you to hang tight for a month so we can have the time to perhaps better assess our timeline of being out of the water which will direct our solutions of reimbursement. If anyone has an issue with this please contact me and we will resolve it now.

We will not be holding the annual Tunathon at the normal end of April time period. While this is a vital part of helping us stay whole financially it cannot be a priority. We will reassess this as well as we get more information about how long we will be out of the water.

All coaches will continue to be paid their monthly salaries. This is the right thing to do. Through much protection of assets over the last dozen years we have enough in our rainy day fund to allow this to happen for an decent bit of time. Thanks to the board and all of you who have supported us through fundraising to put us in this position of strength. This will better help us have the ability to jump back into what we love to do when that time comes…and it will come at some point

Meanwhile we will continue to reach out to our team and be involved in their training as that feeds our soul. Coaches love to coach so this time away has been agonizing. Then we see pictures like what we received yesterday and it makes our day. Scroll to the bottom to see them – they are an example of the NBA spirit as well as the intelligence to honor social distancing ( love the 6 foot apart pic)

Let’s keep that energy as we move forward. We (all your coaches) would love to receive more examples of NBA in action so send them our way via email or text.

Stay smart and safe…see you at the pool…someday :)

Ken –