Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 23 2020 at 08:01AM PDT


I hope everyone is doing well!

PRIORITIES – When I talk to my kids, I usually break things down simply:

In that order…so that’s the format of this email:

FAMILY – I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying time with their family! While there are certainly some challenges in our current reality – like homeschooling, figuring out every Google platform that exists, shopping, getting exercise, preparing every meal, etc. – they are juxtaposed by some hidden benefits. We get to spend a ton of time with our kids! While this may be maddening sometimes, I believe we will look back on this time as a time when we truly got to know our precious kiddos — learning how they learn, what makes them proud, what hurts their feeling, what are they insecure about, what are their talents, etc.

I challenge all of you to find the silver lining in they way your family is set up right now (for example, I got to have dinner with my family every night this past week!—can’t remember the last time that happened!).

SCHOOL/WORK – The challenge is real. Those of you not accustomed to teaching are probably somewhat overwhelmed (as I am). It is a lot of stuff, and gives you a appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to teaching. I think the key is doing your best, but not holding yourself to an impossible standard. Also, remember that our kids are immersed in a very anxious/crazy environment and they are picking up on all of that. They are sponges, and it would be naive to think that they aren’t being affected. Make sure to focus on art and recess—I’ve been on quite a few family hikes recently! (see photo).

SWIMMING – Oh, yeah. This is a swim team update! Practice, as you know, is on hiatus for awhile…no return date as of yet—I’ll keep you posted. USA Swimming has cancelled EVERYTHING until the end of April. Their letter is <> if you need more stuff to read.

Our plan is to reboot as soon as we are able, and have the greatest season ever!

I am in the process of refunding those who have paid online for the SPRING, and TPC members will not be charged anything for Spring Swim Team, as well. We will see what our season looks like when we have a start date.

But, that does not mean that we are not swimmers! We are trying to come up with things to help us once we return to the pool.

PUSH-UPS – I challenge every swimmer to complete a certain number of push-ups every day (everyone is different so pick a number that you can consistently do—you don’t have to do them in a row!). HERE is a video on some good push-up technique. Parents can do this as well, I’m going to start with 50/day.

PLANKS – Let’s see what kind of core strength we can develop over the break with some basic planks. Can you hold a forearm plank for a minute? HERE is a video with some basic planks.

200M BREASTSTROKE – How times have changed…check out this crazy race from the 1936 Olympics! HERE​

QUOTE – This world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be,

instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

See you at the pool! (date TBD), Coach Mike