PS/SR Weekly Update 3/30

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 30 2020 at 10:01AM PDT

Hi All

Another week missing everyone – we can’t wait to be back on the pool deck! Important information below about our team meeting, nutrition course, activity logs and more!

Nutrition Course

Sent out a full email with information last week so check that for more details. We really want as many swimmers as possible to participate in this as possible. We can promise it won’t be too much added “homework” and we know right now it is a financial stretch for some. Suggested price is $200 – if you are not in a position to pay that, email me as we are willing to make it work for EVERYONE!

Starts this Wednesday – we need your swimmers email and a parent email to join.


Zoom Team Meeting

Every Monday at 3:45 – be there! We had over 60 people there last week & it was so fun.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 982 917 807

Activity Logs

WOW – what an improvement from last week. More people turning them in, though still missing a few… if that is you, we won’t chase you down for it but remember this is important to stay engaged and accountable in your swimming.

We also are attaching an excellent example from Alanna Baker (she gave us permission to do so) about what we are looking for in these activity logs. It doesn’t have to be as pretty as hers but she is really detailed and clearly putting time, thought, and consistency into what she is doing.

Send in your logs EACH WEEK on Saturday!!!

Push Up Challenge

Coach Ken challenged all to do 400 pushups last week… since we are a competitive swim team we thought we would keep this challenge going each week. This can be added to your activity log… lets get some more names on this list! I know there are a few who should be added but we need to know numbers not just “pushups” or “strength & conditioning exercises” – lets go Tuna!

725 – Nicky Glenn

510 – Ken DeMont

420 – Alanna Baker, Bruno Coelho

400 – Kallen Wank

315 – Jonah Lee

300 – Sophie Lee

280 – Harry Wait

250 – Sydney Brakebill, Micah Sher

210 – Emma Keith-Brown

175 – Luca Gissendaner

140 – Alex Gershman

135 – Alena Sharp

120 – Vincent De la Tour

105 – Sophie Keith-Brown

100 – Savanna Flynn, Dean Gustavson, Adeline Turner

60 – Andre Ignoffo, Kelsey Brakebill, Jane Thompson

57 – Lena Wang

34 – Nina Bonte

10 – Kim Keith-Brown

Pre Senior Phone Numbers

I have almost all the PS phone numbers – please send them my way. This way in the spirit of accountability I can message swimmers updates/reminders.

See you (virtually) this afternoon!