PS/SR Weekly Update 4/13

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Apr 13 2020 at 02:02PM PDT

Hello -

Activity Logs

We are getting a great amount of people sending these in – getting more detailed and consistent! Keep them coming :)

Team Meeting

Info below for this weeks team meeting… can’t wait to see all of your facesTopic: NBA Team Meeting

Time: Apr 13, 2020 03:45 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 755 5992 9360

Password: 044348

Pushup Challenge

Once again – WOW! We have gotten so many people participating… including coaches, some of our masters swimmers, and even some parents! Keep it up NBA family

1710 Bruno Coelho

1700 Cat Watrous

1645 Luca Gissendaner

1505 Charlie Stewart

1400 Zev Schuman

1350 Sydney Brakebill

1200 Nicky Glenn

1021 Henry Harlow

850 Gavin Green

800 Alena Sharp

700 Kallen Wank, Ken DeMont, Ana Roudebush

600 Maddy Gruender

560 Dean Gustavson, Mia Solomon

540 Aliyah San Andreas

530 Kai Makino, Alanna Baker

430 Emma Keith-Brown, Maria Forney

420 Nina Lawson, Sophie Lee, Katherine Wu

410 Lena Wang, Kelsey Brakebill

400 Jane Thompson, Sophie Keith-Brown, Tor Aune

390 McKenzie Kwei

360 Holly Tarantino, Ben Bishop

350 Alisa Zhou

330 Alessia Root

320 Sarani Puri

310 Marc Watrous

300 Annabelle Kilgore

250 Andre Ignoffo

240 Emily Fee, Shawn DeMont

220 Alex Gershman

212 Brooke Bent

210 Reese Burns

200 Ines Lovato

160 Nina Bonte, Ali Kosmowski

150 Harry Wait

125 Reese Dahlgren

100 William Tucker, Joe Delaney, Mark Lutzker

84 Don Swartz

73 Tricia Wallace

70 Jeff Cooperman

60 Bob Schultz

50 Adeline Turner

45 Melissa Lewis

40 Andrea Salmi

35 Kate Lynch

30 Adam Engelskirchen, Miles Smith

25 Catherine Nottage

20 Matthew Sessions, Brandon Smith

Pump-Up Songs!!!

We are going to discuss this more in the meeting this afternoon – SEND US YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE PUMP UP SONG! This can be a song you listen to to get motivated during dryland workouts, before races, songs that fire you up, etc. Let’s keep these appropriate :) We have a fun idea we are working on using these – so let’s get a ton of submissions!

Safe Sport

Just like last week – we need your help! Please both parents and athletes take some time to complete this free online course through USA swimming. This helps to certify our team as a Safe Sport team! All of your coaches take these courses annually and we need you to participate as well! See link below for information

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