TPC Weekly Update 5/3

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on May 05 2020 at 07:32AM PDT


I hope everyone is hanging in there!

TPC UPDATE - The pool is still closed (just waiting for us), but some of the lower tennis courts will be available for members to play tennis with their families. A step in the right direction! I’ll keep everyone abreast of any movement toward re-opening, and what that will look like.

FAMILY - Go outside, play some Frisbee, go hiking, fly a kite, etc. To help maintain mental health, make sure you get up and go somewhere and do something (obeying all social distancing directives, of course)!

SCHOOL - This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurses Week! Thanks to all out there who are busting their butts teaching our kids (parent-teachers too!),and all of you nurses who are on the front lines or waiting for a possible surge in responsibilities. I am grateful for all you do! Show your gratitude this week!

SWIM - Good swimmers are good athletes. Good athletes need to be diligent about their diet, flexibility, strength, cardio, and mental game. I challenge us all to make sure we are getting better in each category. You can tell from some of the photos on this email that the elite swimmers are pretty fit!

DIVING - If you want to be a great sprinter, it all starts with a great dive! Here are a couple cool dive videos:
Physics of diving
Caeleb Dressel is one of the most explosive divers ever! Dressel Jump, Dressel Dives
Some FAST female swimmers:
Simone Manuel 100 Free – Stanford
Abbey Weitzel 50 Free – CAL

QUOTE - We can’t touch things (on our walk)…because of the Corona. – Katelyn McDonald (6)

See you at the pool! Coach Mike