PS/SR Weekly Update 5/4

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on May 05 2020 at 07:34AM PDT

Hello Tuna!

Team Meeting & Mini Meetings
Today’s team meeting at 3:45 will have a special NBA trivia – come ready to play a Kahoot game with us! (Some have told me having the Kahoot app on a phone is easiest or a split screen on a computer)
Mini meetings have been going great! They are a ton of fun and a great way to connect with our swimmers. On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s

Parent Meeting
We wanted to have the opportunity to connect with our parents and share where we are at during all of this. Join us this Wednesday at 7:00pm for a short Zoom meeting. Remember to complete the Safe Sport course if you can! (Info attached at very bottom of this email)

Strength & Conditioning and Ab Circuits
Bridge routines below as well as Lily Ott’s ab circuit!
Click here to sign up to create your own ab circuit to share with the team!
Lily’s Ab workout

Wall Sit Challenge
We ended our pushup challenge (more on that below) and started a wall sit challenge! Check out what our athletes are doing:
48m Luca Gissendaner
45m Alanna Baker
40m Alisa Zhou
30m Annabelle Kilgore, Don Swartz
25m Brooke Bent
24m Alessia Root
22m Max Brown
21m Sydney Brakebill
20m Adeline Turner
15m Kate Lynch, Mia Solomon
12m Ben Bishop
10m Holly Tarantino, Sophie Keith Brown
9m Charlie Stewart
7m Ines Lovato
6m Zev Schuman
5m Micah Sher
3m Kallen Wank
2m 45s Amelia Loiacono
1m 35s Ana Roudebush
1m Brenda Lein

Push Up Challenge
We are seeing how many we can get up to 700 each week… go tuna!
700 Kallen Wank, Aliyah San Andreas, Luca Gissendaner, Justin Wong, Alanna Baker, Ana Roudebush, Mia Solomon, Cat Watrous, Henry Harlow
630 Maria Forney
600 Marion Woolf, Zev Schuman
560 Dean Gustavson
550 Lena Wang
534 Brooke Bent
511 Jack Dumbacher
510 Steve Clark
500 Alisa Gray, Alena Sharp, Bruno Coelho, Emily Fee, Ben Bishop, Gavin Green, Charlie Stewart
480 Sophie Lee
455 John Vreeland
425 Sophie Keith Brown
410 Chas Thorp
400 Micah Sher, Skyler Barnes, Jane Thompson
350 Holly Tarantino, Alessia Root
345 Esther Chang
340 Max Matthews
300 Sydney Brakebill, Nina Bonte, Jonah Lee, Cindy Clements
280 Shawn DeMont
250 Andre Ignoffo, Mark Lutzker
180 Ken DeMont
150 Harry Wait
100 Brenda Lein, Matthew Sessions
35 Catherine Nottage