Don's Thoughts - 3/18

Posted by North Bay Aquatics on Mar 18 2022 at 02:41PM PDT

Don’s Thoughts

NBA Alum and current Emory University student/swimmer Charlie Stewart is in town this week. He expressed his frustration about his progress, or perceived lack thereof, during his just completed freshman season. As he explained his story of how he began as an age group swimmer progressing along to a National level swimmer with high expectations a theme emerged.

Charlie had fallen into the trap many swimmers know all to well…times count more than anything.

In fact, while they do matter and influence your opportunities, they don’t actually matter as much as your personal satisfaction gained from training and racing – from participating in the water…Charlie describes his feeling of “flying” when discussing how he feels when he is swimming – the “thing” that made swimming magic for him.
Charlie says the 3 things that make the biggest impact on him in our sport are 1 – hard work, he likes that…2 – belief in yourself, gotta have that in good times and tough times…3 – JOY!

Nuff said, see you at the pool…MANY thanks Charlie for sharing with us – your NBA!